Samples from my Thickened Dye Workshop…

Printing with Thickened Natural Dyes

Amber Friedman



for plant based fibres. Tannin/Alum or Alum Acetate

Tannins – Gallnut, Pomegranate, Cutch, Myrobalan, Tea, Coffee, Blackberry Leaves, Alder

Mordants for animal based fibres


Making Dye Extracts

Osage- 30g – 100ml water

Cochineal 5g – 100ml water

Madder – 30% – 100ml water

Lac – 20% – 100ml water

Logwood- 30% – 100ml water

Brazilwood – 50% – 100ml water


Avocado- 12 pits in 200ml water

Dandelions – 80 g to 150ml water

Recipe for Thickening Dye

Add 2-3 tsp of guar gum to 100ml dye extract

Recipe for Thickening Colour Modifiers

Thicken water

500ml hot water + 2tbsp Gum Trag

Divide into 5 containers…

Add 2g Cream of Tartar to 100ml thickened water

Add 3g Citric Acid to 100ml thickened water

Add 2g Iron to 100ml thickened water


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