Upcoming Indigo workshop in Powell River, BC…June 17th 10-4pm 125$…

Spots are still available for my upcoming INDIGO dye workshop on June 17th 10-4pm at the Academy of Music in Powell River, BC. We will be exploring shibori patterns on cotton with the Indigo vats.  Tying, Stitching, Fold + Clamp, Pole wrapping…these are all ways to make patterns in fabric that are amazing!  Bring a lunch, gloves and wear clothes that can get dirty.  Feel free to bring an article of your clothing made from natural materials. Cost of workshop is 125$, please register online in advance with awarholartist@gmail.com. Bring a friend.



One thought on “Upcoming Indigo workshop in Powell River, BC…June 17th 10-4pm 125$…

  1. Hi Amber,

    Looking forward to it! Do you have anyone registered besides me? Vanessa Kift was keen but said she couldn’t afford it. I’ll mention it to the group who is making felt hats on Tuesday with Anne Leaman. I think they are likely suspects.

    What did you think of that meeting???? Lot of drama. Poor Wendy has contributed SSSOOOO much and done so much for the Organization. I think we need a wine and cheese to reevaluate/review the objectives of MAS so that these kind of conflicts don’t tear us apart.

    BTW, I have 3 volumes of The Canadian Encyclopedia (Brett’s, he wouldn’t let me throw it away) that is FULL of photographs. I thought you might be able to use them for your book making workshops? The pages are at least 8 x 11 but I think more like 9 x 12.

    see youse.

    Candace Parker ph: (604) 489-0669 parkercandace0@gmail.com



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