Artist in Residence part 3

Boundaries – an excellent card I picked here on the first day of my artist in residence when I was asking for guidance to start paintings.

Starting paintings-

You might think that starting a painting is going to be a really fun and exciting experience. YES, I’m sure it has the possibility to be just that, however for me starting a painting is quite a terrifying experience. Much like jumping off a cliff or bridge (good thing I did a ton of that when I was younger). Thoughts that run through my mind before I start a painting are things as simple as; what will I paint, what is inside me that needs to come out, how can I find an image to describe or express a feeling inside of me, will anyone like it, what will I do with it…the list starts there and goes on. I used to start paintings on a whim all the time, and I still will and sometimes be like ‘what is that?’ and other times think ‘I love that’ ‘more of that please’. I also started trying other ways to start paintings.

Sometimes I sketch out paintings in my sketchbook with a simple black pen, it’s about the shape of the lines and how they weave into each other and the emotions it brings up. Sometimes is repeating shapes and characters that I enjoy working with, and my other fun way to start paintings is to pick an image and simply try to interpret it and ‘copy’ it in my personal style. This is the technique I used to start almost, maybe every, painting I did during my artist in residence at FibreWorks Gallery.

I meditated on boundaries before I started the painting for at least a minute or two, maybe longer…I think I drew it out in my sketchbook to get the jist of the line structure.

Here is my take on this gorgeous art card using local dye plants to make the colours.


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