Exhibition open April 2nd, 2022

Please come to the opening on April 2, 2002 from 2-4pm! I would love to meet you and answer your questions about the exhibition, the art pieces, and how they were created.

‘Staking Ground’ is an invitation to step into a space with artifacts from a way of living that circles around community, connection, ritual, respect, and love. These works of art embody a liminal space that celebrates a return to a simple life, a magical life, and a mystical way of being.
Some of the art pieces in the show are fabric prayer flags with embroidery, hand-woven vessels and baskets, fabric money with embroidered symbols, and batik paintings. All of these pieces were dreamed of and created by settlers who long for a world where children are raised together, food is grown together, and ceremony space is as common as spring blossoms and autumn leaves.
Like a wish on the wind, ‘Staking Ground’ whispers that a post-apocalyptic world can be beautiful, and that beauty itself is a worthy endeavor. We invite you to put down those things that you are carrying, release those dams that you have built around your life, and let the river of beauty flow through you.

2 thoughts on “Exhibition open April 2nd, 2022

  1. Hi Amber,

    I don’t see here your art show takes place. Can you please send me the address where you will be showing your work, and how long it will be showing.

    Thanks Janis Sent from my iPad



    • Hi Janis,
      The location of the Show is at the bottom of the poster. Opening date is April 2nd reception 2-4pm and it will be on display until May 8th, 2022.
      Hope you can make it.
      Here is the address.
      Fibre Works Gallery
      12887 Sunshine Coast Highway
      Maidera Park, BC


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