Natural Dyes in the LIVE Ta DYE art studio

i am so thankful that it is that time of year again! SPRING when i can work outside again!  i love winter i do lots of new projects, potion making, researching, and crafting… then the warm air hits and i can batik paint outside again.

since i have been working with the eCouture WEarable Art FAshion Show i have decided to work mainly with natural dyes this season.  i invested in some foreign colours by mail… like cochineal, logwood, lac and brazilwood.  then i will also harvest local dyes from our region like dandelion flowers, oregon grape root, rhubarb root, berry leaves, fennel, stinging nettle those are some of my favorite.  once my natural dyes are ready to use and hopefully before they start fermenting i will paint silk panels stretched onto my handmade stretchers out in the studio.

i am getting ready for a class on natural dyes i will be teaching May 14, 2016 at the Academy of Music in Powell River, BC. more info on my Class page.

these are a couple of the pieces that were started yesterday in my  LIVE TA DYE studio in Townsite, BC.


I taught a short class at the University of Vancouver Island last week on stenciling techniques.  It was a super fun hands on class. I would love to post some pictures on here from that, i must find those pictures that Fran took…

Anyway at that class i promised to write a blog post about the book that i brought to class that had about 30 different stencils in it.

The book is called Stencil 201 by Ed Roth of Stencil 1

here is a link to buy this book right now!

Stencil Book

I have also found really amazing stencils on ETSY

Stencil Land Shop

if you have some sources of stencils for sale spread the info on here.  i know making your own is PRETTY fun!!

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