eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show

eCouture Wearable Art Fashion show is coming up on it’s fourth year.  The fashion show was a vision I had years ago while attending a smaller scale fashion show at McKinney’s Pub of local artists…I found Shaunalee Yate who was just as eager as I was to make a fashion show happen in town! We then collaborated with Wendy Drummond and there you had it, the first eCouture Fashion Show. Fran Cudworth got involved the second year and brought a lot of wonderful aspects to the group.  Unfortunately my dad passed away the following year and I was unable to co-ordinate such a huge event in my grieving process.  I also skipped out on having any items in the show that year.  This year I will be teaching some Natural Dye workshops to help raise awareness around the Fashion Show Event and the Slow Fashion Movement. I also aim to have a few pieces in the show.

If you are interested in being part of the show. Applications are here and volunteers are always welcome.

The eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show 2018

Ever melted 5 grocery store plastic bags together? Try it, use a towel then plastic bags, then a towel on top and press the towel with a hot iron as all the bags will melt together and give you a plastic piece of fabric. The plan for this years piece is

  1. a poncho out of grocery bags
  2. last years’s idea, and maybe a few of them…

The eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show 2017

I am currently working on reusing button down shirts as a surface for batik paintings, and explorations with repeat patterns of sacred geometry using thickened natural dyes.


The eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show 2016

2016 was all about Batik Fabric I painted and sewed into shirts, by hand. I loved them, I wear mine all the time.  My other focus was on shibori dyed dresses and leggings. My inspiration for these pieces was bold and playful designs for everyday.


The eCouture WEarable art FAshion Show 2015

photos by adam cramb

This is one of the funnest projects i have created in a while.  It has been with mass amounts of delight that i work on this project with Wendy Drummond, Shaunalee Yates and Fran Cudworth. These are three women whose artwork and passionate creativity is inspirational to me as an artist.

On the evening of April 23rd 2016, at the Dwight Hall, the 2nd Annual eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show will showcase local and guest designers who have embraced the use of naturally grown, naturally dyed/printed fibres, locally produced fibre and upcycled fashion… and for the fun at heart, artrageuos wearable’s designed using plastic and/or trash.

Building on the success of last year’s eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show there will be a series of educational events and workshops, leading up to the show, that examines the ‘true cost’: the human rights and environmental impact of the ‘fast-fashion’ industry and to explore local alternatives. We look forward to you joining us!!