Upcoming Artist in Residence at Fibre Works Gallery, August 6-9th 2018…


I’m packing up some batik supplies, pots to make dyes and stretchers to work on some new Batik art pieces for my upcoming Artist Residency at Fibre Works Gallery in Maidera Park, August 6-9th 2018.

I am planning to harvest some local plants and make them into dye extracts to use for painting and printing on stretched fabric.

I’m thinking about working on a shirt or two while I am there, or some fabric to sew into a shirt at a later date.

Part of what I am most excited about is that I’m not too sure what I will create while I am there. I’m waiting for it to really see what happens on the fabric and what colors behold themselves from the earth.

This is a picture of a recent batik painting I did with 3 local dye plants

St. John’s Wort


Carrot Tops

painted over at times with iron.  This was pretty huge for me to take a step away from reds and purples that I so adore.

I like the idea of fabric pieces made with all local plants.  A way to know our land a little bit better.

Come see what I’m up to on the lower Sunshine Coast between 11-5pm at Fibre Works Gallery.




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