Studying INDIGO with Dani + Sophena at Maiwa…


It’s been a busy fall for me. I have been loving it! I was studying at Maiwa in Vancouver for a couple weeks in September, and now I’m doing some teaching and Christmas Craft Sale Prep.

Here are some pictures from the most amazing 3 day INDIGO workshop that I took with Dani Bush and Sophena Kwon.  My favorites parts about the workshop were, making an INDIGO dye vat using old bananas, and thickening INDIGO for direct application.  I can’t wait to explore using thickened INDIGO in my studio for some of my chakra paintings. I also LOVED learning some new folding and clamping patterns, and the quilters knot ( a genius knot) for getting started in sewn patterns. Ok I loved A LOT of the workshop. I also loved the lady sitting next to me, Hilary Hope, we had tons of fun chatting up the fashion design industry, and I loved the different depths of shade from all the various vats we made.

We made a Fruit Vat with banana’s, we revived a Fruit Vat made with dates, we made a classic ‘workhorse vat’ with lye and thiox, and then a Henna Vat…

Wow! We learned how to keep them alive for days by checking the PH, letting them sleep, feeding them more sugar to put them to bed (not like kids), and then waking them up with something alkaline (we used calx).

It was an inspiring time, and I look forward to teaching some of what I learned at my upcoming workshop this Sunday in Powell River (spots still available).


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