Feeling Excited for my Upcoming Bookbinding Classes at VIU…

Today I took some photos of a few books I’ve made over the years, so that I can show you all how much FUN bookbinding is and how many possibilities there are for paper choices and what exactly you do with your books.

I am teaching TWO bookbinding classes at the Vancouver Island University here in Powell River, BC this fall 2016.  I would love to teach anyone interested in learning more about; materials to use in making books, what to do with homemade books and how exactly to put a book together.

The details about my bookbinding classes can be found on this website under Workshops/Classes.

Or Click HERE

One of my favorite books I have ever made was a guest book for my first SOLO ART SHOW, years ago.  It is full of touching notes from everyone who came out to the show.

Here are some pictures of it…


My classic handmade hardcover book is a bit more complicated. I won’t be teaching it in these two upcoming classes, however!! IF you would like to take a private 2 night class I could teach you how to sew together a 120 page hardcover book.  I taught a few really fun classes in Vancouver back in the day, I even dragged my massive photo copier to the classes so that we could create some amazing pages.

I like to create some of my own pages with favorite recipes, photo copies of photographs and photocopies of notes & letters from the past.  I use about 1/2 new white sheets of paper and 1/2 recycled and personalized paper for my classic hardcover.  Using part recycled paper makes a really interactive journaling notebook because the notebook is like half magazine half journal and if you have a hard time starting to write well your book is half filled with writing and can provide some great inspiration.

Here is the cover of one of my old journals and a page from inside.


Another favorite material to use while making art journals is paper bags from the grocery store, Quality Food you have the best (super thick paper).  I love these for art journaling when you want to paint in them and staple notes in.

Last but not least these little cuties made from photographs, great for travel note taking.

Here are a few older ones I made last year with my older son.

Hope you are feeling inspired to make some books! Spread the word about my workshop!

More to come about the ALTERED BOOK WORKSHOP…


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