What’s happening outside…


here is the first phase of two paintings.

a couple days ago i cooked up some cochineal bugs, in a seperate pot i cooked up logwood chips and the last pot i made an extract of marigold flowers. this is my colour palate so far.  tonight i cooked up some madder to add to the mix tomorrow.

this series is developing as the dye hits the fabric, something i am kinda known for. don’t get me wrong, i love sitting in bed with my sketch book trying out new ideas, over thinking concepts and copying images i love out of magazines…but sometimes i just find going at the blank silks with no real idea of what i’m doing, often leads to a happy surprise of something in my brain that hadn’t yet come to the surface.

one of my favorite ways to make batik paintings is clueless. you could say it’s trust. trust in the universe and trust in myself.  trusting that enough thoughts blast through my brain daily that one of them is bound to jump out onto a white piece of silk that’s stretched in my LIVE TA DYE art studio.

another process to note for me as an artist is how these paintings are staying more true to batik techniques where you, stay in the lines.

for years my batik paintings were messy, splatters of wax and dye colours seeping over the lines to dye the other colours, mixing of liquids outside the lines to create disruption, to rebel really. to be an art rebel in batik! i think i mastered that concept in my previous paintings through out the years. i’m happy to try a new approach right now of staying in the lines, of forming solid masses of colours with strong boundaries.  families of colours is what i’m working on, blending the colours with each other in their designated little cubicles! ha. that’s it, that’s all there is to the new series. the rest is a mystery for you to ponder when you see the finished pieces on the walls of our local art spaces.



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