The Fashion Show is Over


life after the fashion show has been equally as busy and exciting as it was before the fashion show.

what a wonderful event to have completed.  3 very new outfits, one old and one art piece all on display for the overcrowded successful event of the second eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show.

i can’t wait to make some new designs for next year, i’m about to get started.

i am the most proud of the new batik shirts that Oceane and Miriam are wearing for me on stage, and during the evening.  this shirts are batiked fabric and patterns that i designed and sewed by hand.  i love them! especially the fit, these dress shirts are on their way to LA for next summer.

old fashion fashion design here. from the runway it often takes 6 months for the clothes to be ready to order, and you pay in advance and wait for your clothes.

call me old fashion. i’m doing it.


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