Natural Dye Plants + Principles

Join local artist Amber Friedman, for a day of exploring Natural Dye Plants + Principles

In this course we will be learning;
Different dye plants to use to create a wide range of colour
What natural dye plants grow in our region , how and when to harvest them for dyeing
How to prepare protein/cellulose fibres and fabrics to accept the most colour from natural dyes (mordanting)
How to make a natural dye bath to use for immersion dyeing

The course will be on May 14 from 10am-4pm with a short break for lunch.
The course will be held at the Academy of Music Art Studio on Kemano and Manson in Powell River, BC.
Please bring a book to take notes, a pair of rubber gloves for yourself, clothes that can get dirty and a lunch for yourself.
The cost of the course will be 125$.  This will cover all your materials.
There is limited spaces available.
Please register by sending me an e-mail and paying the total cost of the workshop by mail or money transfer.

There is no experience with natural dyes needed to take this class.

Amber Friedman


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