cooking on the computer

i must say if i had all the time in the world i would totally be online writing down tons of recipes and sharing photos from all the amazing creations i make.  however time is tight with a business and a few kids one of them being 5 months old.  so here goes my first blog post on food.  and there will be many more!IMGP8756 IMGP8752 IMGP8749 IMGP8742 IMGP8732 IMGP8727

and the good news is…i am making a recipe book. similiar to a cook book but since half the food i make isn’t cooked then well i will have to call it something else.

other exciting news is…i am going to be teaching people how to put together the most amazing dishes ever!

i was just visiting my sister-by-luck in calgary and i was making lots of yummy food for supper. every night she said she needed the recipe. then she convinced me to make a cook book she said she could sell it to all her family members. well this sounded pretty good. then i met a friend of a friend and she asked me to teach her some cooking tricks. so next month i am going on a traveling vacation with the kids and during that time i plan on working on some cooking lessons and using my new recipe book.

WOW. you guys have been asking for it for a very long time.

all your old favorite will be in it. like peanut sauce and chocolate chip cookies from when i was 8! ha ha. new treasure will be in there too like coconut milk infused with kaffir lime leaves and roasted banana coconut milk ice cream topped with toasted coconut. YUM!!  no knead bread recipe passed down from a gyspsy. anyway the future is bright and full of great meals to be made.


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