night time internet spree

time to check in with the outer world.

all is well in Powell River, BC.

we are on the move here. road tripping and picking up old friends who brought us back stories of the far off countries we haven’t been visiting lately.

my art studio is alive and full of the fear of moving to a new location. it never wants to be packed up and it is oh so hard to ever put away all the batik tools.  especially when i have 2 that’s right TWO shows coming up this fall.

Enter Nourish Yoga Studio end of September to go on a bit of a journey through the colours, shapes and sizes of my batik paintings over the years.  visit colourful energy moving around the room.

Visit FibreWorks Gallery on the Sunshine Coast, BC on October 10th and explore new works through some emotions of love in the past, facing the present and dreaming into the future.  When you come to that show you will also have a chance to see some woven basketry work by Textile artist Erin Hamilton from the east coast of Canada. WOW. super exciting.

I am listening to Erin playing amazing music on the radio as i type this.

check it out.

The future is bright.

Visit the ones you love.

Dream Big

Wash the Dishes

Do laundry and put it away.

Freedom Fighter

Be well

Talk soon

Be Good

Be Bad

Be Safe


Out of Control

No Control

Play the piano outside

Sure, take a shower with your clothes on

Swing on the willow tree branches.


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