the night is here

i love the night because it is my time alone. to conquer every last dream i have. tonite i took on the paintings for my show this fall at fibreworks gallery on the sunshine coast. that’s right. this is the internet. and every fan i could ever imagine will be able to read this and yes. i just started my paintings for my show in the fall. slightly hum. no word. slightly. just in perfect time.

time for them to get fully covered and inspired by the ash and the questions of the end of the world. the last day you may ever live. picking raspberries with the kids and making batik paintings. totally fulfilling my dreams at the pace i can be at.

love it

love life

love it

i had no idea what my art pieces were. sometimes i have great visions before starting a painting. i will know what it looks like. i know what it looks like already, then i go for it.  this time. i had no idea. so i kept waiting. asking. dreaming and imagining…nothing.  then skot rocket said start, then you will know. hum, different way that i was expecting…totally ready to jump into it. jumped into it. 4 new batik paintings out in the smoke.

IMGP7823 IMGP7810 IMGP7825 IMGP7875 IMGP7831 IMGP7873 IMGP7884 IMGP7921IMGP7915

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