Mr. Ease of the rich and famous

i have waited a long time for this. i have gone on believing that i wasn’t part of this world. i haven’t been part of blogging yet.

under the impression that blogging was for strangers. stranger than me. i left it alone thinking that is for the rich and famous, the people that are REALLY ‘out there’.

then tonite ololiuqui, my son, took an amazing photo shoot while procrastinating for bed. i saw it and i felt it…the mysteries of this world. i knew it was my time. i have many lovely herbal products and hand dyed clothes and BATIK paintings. i have friends near and far. it’s time, to reach a broader audience. i do have a lot to say, i like to write back.

so here it goes. to the world. all the worlds i left behind, here i am.IMGP7759IMGP7755 IMGP7707 IMGP7757 IMGP7774 IMGP7669 IMGP7721


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